4 Wheel Drive Club of SA – Midlands


Please ensure that you register on the Web Site to secure your place on an outing or trip. Please contact the coordinator before an outing to confirm your attendance in case of changes.  Because the list of activities goes to members so far in advance there may be changes nearer the date of the activity, so please refer to the web site on a regular basis, as well as noting messages sent out on WhatsApp and/or Email. All trips are to be paid for in full prior to departure (Other rules may apply to specific trips and outings, e.g. Deposits or Vehicle Specs).

Socials: 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Time: 18:00 for 18:30 (Note: These dates are changed from time to time, depending on other events, eg. Royal Show)



January 2019

Sat 12: 4x4 Challenge Series (Not a club event)

Fri 18: Social Braai

February 2019

Fri 1: Social Braai

Sat 2: Midlands 4x4 Family Fun Day

Fri 8 - Sun 10: Bhanga Nek & Turtle Hatching

Fri 15: Social Braai

March 2019

Fri 1: AGM & Social Braai

Sat 2 - Sun 3: Drakensberg Passes with Gillis

Fri 15: Social Braai

Sat 30: Route Planning 101

April 2019

Fri 5: Social Braai

Sat 6: Midlands 4x4 Family Fun Day

Fri 19 - Tue 23: Lesotho

Fri 26: Social Braai

May 2019

Fri 3: Social Braai

Fri 17: Social Braai

Fri 24 - 31: Royal Show (Help is needed to man the stand and set up the display)

Sun 26: Cars in the Park (Help is needed to man the stand and drive visitors around the track)

June 2019

Sat 1 - 2: Royal Show

Fri 7: Social Braai

Sun 16: Jade Sky Hike (Help is needed to lift walkers to the start, support them on the pass)

Fri 21: Social Braai

July 2019

Fri 5: Social Braai

Fri 19: Social Braai & Talk on Protective Films

August 2019

Fri 2: Social Braai

Sat 3 - Sun 11: Wild Coast

Fri 9: Midlands 4x4 Ladies Day

Fri 16: Social Braai & Talk on Insurance

Sat 24: Reach for a Dream: Dads and Lads 4x4 Day

Sat 31: Spring Breakfast

September 2019

Fri 6 – Sun 8: Garden Show. (Help is needed to man the stand and drive visitors around the track)

Fri 13: Social Braai

Sat 14: Midlands 4x4 Family Fun Day

Sat 21 – Tue 24: Swaziland

Fri 27: Social Braai 

October 2019

Fri 4: Social Braai

Sat 12 - Sun 13: Day of the Clubs – Killarney

Fri 18 – Sun 20: Old Mill Drift 4x4 and Rebellie 4x4

Fri 18: Social Braai

November 2019

Fri 1: Social Braai

Sat 2: Midlands 4x4 Family Fun Day

Fri 15 – Sun 17: Mystery Tour 2019

Fri 15: Social Braai

December 2019

Sat 7: Club Christmas Function.

Fri 13th - Tue 17th: Tembe Elephant Park



Have your say! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know if there are any other outings/trips that you would like to do!