Botswana 2020 (cancelled)

Long Trips (5 plus nights)
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Date: 19 September 2020 06:00 AM - 27 September 2020 05:00 PM

A trip is being planned to Botswana in September 2020.

There is a limit of 10 Vehicles on this trip. Should there already be 10 vehicles registered, then select waiting list option and should someone pull out you will be advised. If you then agree to go you will be required to pay the non-refundable deposit or depending on how close to the departure date, you may have to pay the full amount immediately.

The trip will be led by Ian Shooter and Billy Paton.

Day 1 (19/9/2020): PMB to Zeerust

We have a long day of driving today.  Drive between 8 - 9 hrs our B&B in Zeerust. We will have a braai tonight. The B&B is about 1 hr from the Botswana border on the South African side. (B&B - R300 per person).

Day 2 (20/9/2020):Zeerust to Khama Rhino Sanctuary

We leave Zeerust and cross into Botswana at the Skilpadshek border post and travel through to Gaborone for some shopping and then on to Khama Rhino Sanctuary. This is about 5 hrs driving all on tar except the road to our camp site in Khama. (Park fees are P86.50 per adult, P106.50 per vehicle and P95.30 for camping. People can pay with a South African bank card.)

Day 3 & 4 (21-22/9/2020): Khama Rhino Sanctuary to the Central Kalahari (2 Nights)

Today is a 3-hr drive on tar and 3-hr drive on sand. This place is very wild and remote and has a long drop and a place for you to hang a bucket with your own water. There is no water at all here and we stay here for 2 nights. People must have their own water and fuel. We suggest 40 litres of water per 2 people in a vehicle and enough fuel for 800km. We will have a whole day to explore this 2nd biggest park in the world and it is wild. (It is quite expensive at around R500 per person per night which includes camping, vehicle fees and entry into the National park. We must book this before we get there. Most parks limit the number of vehicles per camp so we will probably be spread apart).

Day 5 (23/9/2020): Central Kalahari to Planet Baobab

Today is a 6 hr drive out of the reserve to stay at Planet Baobab. 3 hrs on sand and 3 hrs on tar. This place has a bit of luxury after the wild Kalahari.  The Baobabs are unbelievable here and there is an opportunity to do a tree walk with a local guide. There are nice showers and a pub, swimming pool and restaurant. We will stay at the overland camp sites. (P70 per person).

Day 6 (24/9/2020): Planet Baobab to Elephant Sands

Today is a bit shorter with a 2-hr drive to Elephant sands. This place is. There are nice showers and a pool with pub and restaurant and of course elephants walking right past and sometimes through your camp. (Camping is P120 per person). Enjoy the luxury because day 7 is to Kubu island.

Day 7 (25/9/2020): Elephant Sands to Kubu Island

Kubu Island is very remote with no facilities. It is the best place to take photos of the stars. (We sign a form and pay P250 each).

Day 8 (26/9/2020): Kubu Island to Martins Drift Border

Today we leave the remote Kubu Island to start our trip home. At Martins Drift there is a restaurant and even chalets if people want some comfort. (Cost to be advised).

Day 9 (27/9/2020): Martins Drift Border Post to PMB

We leave Botswana and travel home

The costs shown above are a rough estimate. We will finalise shortly.

Additional Notes:

The average vehicle will use about R6000 - R7000 on fuel.

The vehicle must have enough fuel for 800km between stops, low range and be in good condition.

The Kalahari has no help. There will be a sat phone for emergencies.

You must have your own tents, chairs, firewood, fridges etc. We can do shopping in Gaborone for the 3 nights camping and then I suggest we eat at the restaurant at Planet Baobab, Elephant Sands, and Martins drift. There are 2 small towns near Elephant Sands and Planet Baobab but very small shops.

We need to self-cater at Kubu island. There will be a big gazebo set up as a kitchen with some tables and a cooker.

You must carry your own drinks and lunches.

Ian can cater for suppers and breakfasts when wild camping, at a cost (R180 per Supper and Breakfast). This will be decided between those doing the trip before we leave.



In order to secure a spot and assist with logistical arrangements please Register AND pay non refundable deposit of R500 per person.
EFT Reference “your name - Botswana20”
Please note that your name will only be placed on the “confirmed” list after your non-refundable payment has been received.



Please contact Billy Paton for any enquiries.


Each attendee must arrange their own meals, snacks, drinks, etc.


Don't forget your PASSPORT!

You CANNOT TAKE MEAT and other FOODSTUFFS INTO BOTSWANA! (Please check the latest regulations!)

Pack clothing accordingly as it can be cold during the evenings.
Always consider the possibility of rain
Always advisable to wear comfortable closed shoes or boots
Advisable to have a broad rim hat and sun block on hand
Please bring own refuse bags for your litter as we need to take all litter with us
Bring all eat and drink for the weekend
Please bring one big bag of wood
No pets or firearms allowed

All vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition
Always have your spare keys with you
Recovery points fitted to the front and rear on your vehicle are a prerequisite
Your own Kinetic/recovery strap and 2 x shackles and any other recovery equipment
A tyre pump and tyre pressure gauge may be required to deflate/inflate tyres
Carry a fire extinguisher, which is easily accessible in the event of an emergency
Always carry your personal medical kit
Use tie-down straps to secure all items packed, as loose items can become missiles

TWO WAY RADIOS (required, VHF only):

Communication between participating vehicles on any 4×4 excursion is important for many reasons. It benefits the safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles while on a 4×4 trail, where drivers can communicate with one another regarding their location and situation, not to mention the interesting information that is shared with participants. The fun part is the many interesting stories that are shared among participants. We use VHF radios only and operate on ORRA Channels 1 - 6


The standard Club convoy rules apply. To read the rules click here:

Ian's suggested pack list



Safricaoverland Self drive 4x4 Kit List:


Strong Hiking Boots



Sandals or light shoes for around camp



Pair of Socks and Underwear per every 2 days



Pair of Short Trousers



Pair of Long Trousers






Basic Personal First Aid Kit



Shirt per 2 days on the tour (Not bright colours)



Fleece Jackets



Rain Jacket



Beanie for the cold



Sun hat for the sunny days



Warm Gloves (April to September)



Warm / Thermal Clothes for sleeping in



Other Items


Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent



Roll Toilet Paper



Wash Kit Including Wet-Wipes












Special / Prescription Medication



Headlamp with Spare Batteries



Water Bottle (at least 1 Litre)



We bring lots of books on Africa for you to read



Equipment you need (we can also rent these items to you)


4x4 vehicle with low range and good ground clearance

Fuel for 800km.






Sleeping Bag (0◦C from October to March, -8◦ C from April to September)



Fold up chair






Cutlery/Crockery etc.



Food and Drinks (Note: there are lots of things you cannot take across the border so will have to be bought in Botswana)




Somebody from the group will be requested to write a short trip report for the website and our Facebook page, and please add some pictures.


Hope to see many club members on this outing.



All Dates

  • From 19 September 2020 06:00 AM to 27 September 2020 05:00 PM


List of Participants

GaryB (2)
Billy Paton (2)
Ivan (2)
Derick and Donelle (2)
Willem Sandy von Willich (2)
Edwin Sandra (2)
Richard Heather Heathcote (2)
p dillon (2)
Stephen Swanepoel (1)

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